Care On Call

because life is fragile


CARE ON CALL is a care and home based care provider and focus on person-centered care.

Growing older is challenging. Activities of daily living might become the greatest obstacle of each day. Being prepared for the unexpected and knowing that support is available, brings comfort and peace of mind. CARE ON CALL encourages you to change your challenges into goals. We can celebrate small victories together, because your independence is our priority.

We implore you to fight frailty and to stay active.

Moving, after years of living in the same house; full of memories and sentiments, can be traumatic and disorientating. We know that accepting change and adapting to assistance can be difficult and we respect this emotional process.  We aim to assist with all activities of daily living, enabling you to continue living from the comfort of your own home.


We offer elderly care, dementia care, wound care, stoma and catheter care and home based care with skilled home nurses and caregivers. We can support you to claim autonomy and simplify your basic routine to give you control and independence for as long as possible. You do not have to compromise your lifestyle because of unforeseen circumstance. You can age right where you belong...
We can deliver short- or long-term support and home care to keep you safe in the community you love. We respect your privacy, individual routine and want you to enjoy elder-hood and live a full life.  We will help you to enjoy quality of life and to age with dignity.

Our frail and palliative care services ensure quality care in the comfort of your home. You have the right to choose where and how you want to spend the final days of your life. You deserve to live and die with dignity.

Our caregivers are focused on activities, personal progress and mobility.  Our friendly staff will help you to stay motivated and reach your goals. We believe in person-centered care and plan your requirements according to your needs.

CARE ON CALL is compassionate and focused on recovery in order to regain confidence in your own abilities. 

Let us help you to celebrate each moment as a gift, because life is fragile...  

We are of the opinion that age is not a cut-off time. We celebrate elder-hood as a phase to share knowledge and wisdom with the generations that will follow in your footsteps; a precious time to reconnect with yourself.  It is a time to take the focus off what we do and focus on who we are and what we can share.

Some people can stay functional for longer and their skills and experience can still make a difference in the workforce, thus lightening the financial burden when it matters most. People live longer, should they not be free to work, learn and contribute for longer?

We need to take the burden off the “sandwich generation”. decrease boredom and loneliness prevalent in passive ageing. People should have the option to retire according to functionality, not age.

We can increase financial freedom and motivate independence as a lifestyle. Let us rise up against ageism!

Do you need help?

We offer Home Based Care, Dementia Care, Palliative Care and Frail Care 

We work in Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and Stellenbosch