Care On Call

because life is fragile


Growing older is unavoidable, but you can choose how you want to grow old. Being connected and supported helps with decisions and provides peace of mind.

Activities of Daily Living might become the greatest challenge of each day. CARE ON CALL encourages you to change your challenges into goals. We celebrate small victories together, because your independence and quality of life is our priority.

Moving from a home and a community full of memories and sentiments, can be traumatic and disorientating. We know that accepting change and adapting to assistance can be difficult and we respect this emotional process.  We support you to fight frailty and stay active with all the care you need in the home you love.


Our staff are qualified to provide Professional Home Nursing and oversee you Medical Care and requirements. We manage a person-centred care plan with a team of care partners to provide the information you need to make informed decisions.

We  deliver short- and long-term support. We respect your privacy, individual routine and want you to enjoy elderhood as a stage of life, not a disability.  We will help you to enjoy quality of life and age with dignity.

Our Frail Care and Palliative Care services ensure quality care and 24/7 emergency call out in the comfort of your home. You have the right to choose where and how you want to spend the final days of your life. You deserve to live and die with dignity.

Let us help you to celebrate each moment as a gift, because life is fragile.

Service areas are Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and Stellenbosch