We are of the opinion that age is not a cut-off time. We celebrate elderhood as a phase to share knowledge and wisdom with the generations that will follow in your footsteps; a precious time to reconnect with yourself.  It is a time to take the focus off what we do and focus on who we are and what we can share. We are aware of an extended life expectancy and have seen home based care become a prominent, vitalised way of living, despite frailty.

As Certified Eden Associates we fight loneliness, helplessness and boredom with care and companionship. We share the principles behind the Eden Alternative and motivate person-centred care to create a life worth living at home.

We aim to be part of the solution and to help people age at home, to promote active ageing and to help change the image and perception of retirement into "rewirement".


Rolien Vos started Care on Call in 2018.  She values the person in people and with that in mind, Care on Call was formed.  
She identified that a care-plan that is not managed properly, disable people and create dependence.  There should be a believe that there is room for improvement.  Our goal is to create a mindset of independence and autonomy with every life decision. We firmly believe that every person should have the right to manage their own care plan with the necessary support to help them make informed decisions.

We can help you with end of life care and make sure you have the best team to live and  die with dignity in your own home.


With more than 60 combined years of nursing experience in various fields, our vision is to help people to age at home, promote active ageing and help to change the image and perception of retirement to "rewirement". We are of the opinion that age is not a cut-off time and celebrate elder-hood as a phase to share knowledge and wisdom with the generations that will follow in your footsteps and reconnect with yourself.  It is a time to take the focus off what we do and focus on who we are and what we can share.   Some people can stay functional for longer and their skills and experience can make a difference in the workforce. The extra  income can pay for care when they need it. We have a lot of famous and successful role models to prove this theory. People live longer; should they not work for longer?

Connecting people, building relationships and trust is the most important thing as you grow older. After years of working with the elderly, we have found that support at home can prevent falls and increase mobility. At some stage in life we need to accept that our lives have changed and stop fighting alone. Fighting against frailty is a constant process. As they say; "If you don't use it, you'll lose it." Activities add structure to each day and motivate people to push themselves and create ways to meet new friends to build social support.This prevents people from going into frail care centres for extended periods of time. We have experience in dementia care and know how difficult it can be for the family to support a loved one who lives with dementia. Making decisions on their behalf can be hard on them and the family.


We work in a team and acknowledge each field of expertise in their own right. We will refer and gain enough information to support you to do the best you can in your unique situation.

Retirement homes and frail care centres are not always affordable or a preferred choice.  Our care strategy has a more active and goal orientated approach in an attempt to preserve independence. We keep costs low to make your care affordable and sustainable for the long term.  Although many may have a support structure in place, the responsibility of care becomes a burden on relationships and do a lot of harm in the long term.

We partner with a network of service providers to build relationships and trust to give you the best care options for your unique situation. We aim to combine knowledge and experience and learn from each other.


Rolien grew up in the West Coast, finished Matric in Stellenbosch and completed her Diploma in Nursing at the Otto Du Plessis College as a Enrolled Nurse in Bellville. She moved to the Helderberg in 1991, got married and had 3 lovely children. She loves family life, the outdoors and art.

She worked in ICU, a wound clinic, doctor's practice, managed a clinic at a senior service centre. She was also the manager of a home-based care department and was part of a multi-disciplinary team who oversaw the care and accommodation of more than 600 elderly residents. She has always been passionate about geriatric care, feeling strongly that caring for the elderly is an art mastered by none. You learn every day through generations of wisdom and meet the most wonderful people along your way. It is such a privilege to be a part of this personal journey with someone. Rolien is an Eden Associate.


After CARE on CALL was formed as non-medical care provider, the need for professional nursing service was identified and Sister Estelle Lategan has joined our team. She has more than thirty years of experience.

She grew up in the Breede River Valley and Matriculated at Paarl Gimnasium. She completed her Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery at Otto Du Plessis College and moved to the Helderberg in 1987. She completed a further Diploma in General Critical Care at Mediclinic Vergelegen in 1997 and was part of the ICU team until 2000. She was a Case Manager for Health Risk Management, did marketing for a pathologist and trained employees in customer focus. She also travelled and worked overseas.

She is a cancer survivor and after eight years in remission she takes a special interest in Cancer support and motivation. She loves reading, poetry and writing.

We offer Home Based Care, Dementia Care and general Home Nursing

We service Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and Stellenbosch

Care on Call 10 Principles